Our Robotic Solutions


An innovative laboratory machine is redefining standards in laboratory research. Utilizing a 4-axis robot with an automatic tool change function, this modern system allows the execution of various laboratory tasks with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Current features and capabilities


With precise pipetting technology, the machine enables accurate and repeatable dispensing of chemical substances, eliminating human errors and ensuring high precision in every experiment.

Opening and closing containers

Automatic manipulation of containers allows quick and secure opening and closing of laboratory vessels, a crucial aspect in many research processes.

Measurement of basic reagent parameters

The machine is equipped with advanced sensors for precise measurement of basic chemical parameters, facilitating accurate experimental results.

Adaptation of currently used containers and laboratory equipment

Through 3D printing technology, the machine allows for the adaptation of currently used and certified containers, stands, and fixtures, eliminating the need to purchase new equipment.

Benefits of implementing this technology

Minimization of errors

Real-time analysis of elements in the working area eliminates humanerrors, ensuring reliability and repeatability of experimental results.

Increased efficiency and repeatability

The machine offers greater efficiency than a human, thanks to its speedand precision in performing various laboratory tasks, significantly expeditingthe research process.

Controlled conditions and 24/7 supervision

The machine’s ability to work in controlled conditions and providecontinuous supervision over experiments ensures consistent result quality andallows for full control even around the clock.

Remote control and staff relief

The system allows for remote control, enabling the monitoring andmanagement of experiments without the need for staff presence in thelaboratory, contributing to the efficient use of human resources.

Revolutionizing Laboratory Processes with Cutting-Edge Technology

This innovative laboratory machine represents a breakthrough in research, offering not only modern technological solutions but also introducing revolutionary benefits that significantly enhance the efficiency and precision of laboratory processes.