Transforming Science
with Robotic Automation

Step into the future of lab efficiency with our robotic automation technology, where precision meets innovation.

Vision and Impact

Our company

Labtronic is committed to revolutionizing commercial and research laboratory processes with advanced robotic systems and machine learning based software applications designed for quality, efficiency, and precision. Automation in laboratories streamlines workflows, increases precision, reproducibility, and reliability while alleviating staff workload and reduces repetitive tasks. Labtronic solutions, such as automated pipetting systems, empower labs to scale up tests, minimizing errors and freeing staff from routine duties. Tailored to meet challenges, these products offer faster and more reliable approaches to executing protocols.

The robotic system, adaptable to various laboratory settings, streamlines tasks in diagnostic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical laboratories. It ensures controlled conditions and facilitates remote experiment execution. Combining rapid diagnostics and task automation, the technology heralds a new era of efficiency and reliability.


An innovative laboratory machine is redefining standards in laboratory research, life sciences development and pharmaceutical production.  Utilizing a 4-axis robot with an automatic tool change function, this modern system allows the execution of various laboratory tasks with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Embracing the Future

CELLONE - Cellular Analytics System

Labtronic has developed machine learning based algorithmics to allow for autonomous cell culture monitoring and analytics. Machine Learning techniques, as a part of Artificial Intelligence, enable computers to learn from data and make predictions based on gathered knowledge in a similar way as humans do.

Automated Liquid Handling


Automatic liquid handling systems are designed to automate the precise and accurate transfer of liquids. The primary functionality of a liquid handling robot is to perform pipetting tasks with high precision, efficiency, and repeatability.

LABONE app provides 
a wide range of functionalities 
for this purpose:

Automatic scanning of the deck and detection of the labware

step-by-step protocol creation

Possibility to save and load previously defined protocols

Protocols execution scheduling

Automatic monitoring of the protocol execution